Also, THIS.



All these 19 year old college students marching into the administration office and demanding trigger warnings in a class studying Classical Greek Mythology because there is a TWO THOUSAND YEAR OLD FAIRYTALE SWAN RAPE in the reading assignments.

Welcome to THE REAL WORLD, Oh, Soft Feckless Children Raised Like Prize Veal. Either BUTCH IT UP or FUCK ON OFF. If you don’t…your weak, whiny line WILL NEVER SURVIVE THE WINTER.

And, the very worst part?

It isn’t The Right doing this. Trust me, The Right is NOT NEAR SMART ENOUGH to carve and parse language at this micro-intellectual level. No. This one, Mein Poppets, is ALL ON THE LEFT.

So, congratulations, Kids.


If someone had told me ten years ago that this is what my ideological side of the aisle would become? I never would have believed it. NEVER.

As a STAUNCH, HARDCORE, LIFELONG, LIBERAL DEMOCRAT myself…allow me to just call this new, pathetic, insidious, word-policing horseshit that is currently sweeping the culture exactly what it is:


And, it must END NOW.

Like I heard a LIBERAL college professor say on NPR last week:

“Let me tell you something…if you get through four years of college without being offended…YOU NEED TO ASK FOR YOUR MONEY BACK.”

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Muffy Bolding is a mother/writer/actor/knitter/feminist/withered debutante who likes the smell of asparagus pee, and remains obsessed with the bathroom hygiene of her three children -- despite the fact that they are 23, 19, and 16. She is blissfully married to a cute Jewish boy who looks like Willie Wonka, but remains tragically in love with the dead poet, Ted Hughes. She has the mouth of a Teamster, and her patron saint is Rocco (pestilence relief.) Ms. Bolding lives in Southern California, where she enjoys typing words, making movies, and plucking the rings from the fingers of the dead. She was the co-creator and Editor-in-Chief of the award winning satire zine, Fresno Lampoon, and in between writing screenplays, carnival barking, and savagely threatening her trio of darling larvae with a wooden spoon, she currently publishes the zine, "Withered Debutante." More of her work can also be found in the anthology, "Mamaphonic: Balancing Motherhood and Other Creative Acts", the compilation zine, "Mamaphiles III: Coming Home", as well as in The Cortland Review and She is currently writing and producing for film and television, and working on a book of essays entitled, "Inside A Chinese Dragon." She has slept around, but not nearly as much as she would have liked.
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