I wrote this piece a couple of days ago:

I am now hearing reports that the Ukrainian government is poised to shut down the Internet, phone and cell service, as well as broadcast television access, and is ready to put all citizens under house arrest…leaving all those valiantly protesting in the streets of Kiev — as this young Ukrainian woman says — utterly “alone here.” Perhaps to be murdered one after another by the brutal forces of their own corrupt government when night falls — with no one to bear witness to those horrific events.

This courageous young Ukrainian woman is asking NOTHING of us, of the world…except that we do just that: BEAR WITNESS.

This revolution is really happening. Right now. As I type this. In their hopeful quest for freedom and self-determination, good and righteous people — both men and women and young and old alike — are being wounded, brutalized, murdered, and disappeared…with what may be ZERO accountability, if Kiev loses the ability to report their stories, post their photos and footage, and tell their truths to a shocked and horrified world that is watching helplessly as these people are beaten, arrested, and killed, one by one, by government snipers posted atop the buildings overlooking what is ironically known as Independence Square.

Make NO mistake. What is happening there in Kiev is an abomination of epic proportions — a crime against humanity, that the government is attempting to hide from the eyes of the world.

Isolation, silence, darkness, indifference. History has shown us that this is where atrocities live and thrive. If we turn our heads and look away, we do so at the very peril of losing our own humanity.

May whatever gods you believe in watch over them all.

Please share this video. Please contact your elected officials.

Thank you.

Edited to add: It is now being reported that the Ukrainian anti-government protesters, of which this young woman is one, have taken control of the city of Kiev and that the ruthless dictator, Viktor Yanukovich — whose immediate resignation they had demanded as the ONLY THING NOW THAT WOULD END THE PROTESTS — has fled the city after he and his cabinet ministers discovered that a large number of the police and security forces charged with protecting them had abandoned their posts and joined with their fellow countrymen marching in the streets seeking their freedom.

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